• Utilizes staging scrapers that clean the face of the barscreen and stainless steel teeth that fully penetrate the bar.
  • Custom tear-shaped bars provide a 50% screening efficiency for .25 inch bar openings, resulting in more favorable flow characteristics and less headloss.
  • Exclusive channel bottom plate provides "ramp" for scrapers to get under debris for better purchase
  • Eliminates the need for pre-screening... the powerful combination of stainless steel and UHMW scrapers allows for the best in redundancy and unit performance.

MODEL DESCRIPTION The smaller the slot opening, the more critical it becomes to keep the barscreen open.

The FlexRake FPFS combines the rugged reliability of the FlexRake FP with fine screen openings. Utilizing staging scrapers that clean the face of the barscreen and stainless steel teeth that fully penetrate the bar, the FlexRake FPFS offers precision technology with the ability to adapt to large debris.
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Wastewater, CSO, SSO, clingy debris, grit. Also used in pulp/paper mills, raw water intakes, and other applications where debris is susceptible to wrapping and clinging on the barscreen.
WIDTH 1.5 feet - 10 feet

Single Strand FlexRake configuration available for channels widths of 18 inches - 24 inches.
LENGTH 10 feet - 50 feet
ANGLE OF INSTALLATION Ideal 30 degrees from vertical.
Range from 10 degrees from vertical to horizontal (dependent on site conditions).
Alternative: 316 SSTL
BAR OPENING .25 inch - .5 inch
SCRAPER CONFIGURATION UHMW staging scraper/stainless steel teeth positioned every 21 inches.
TYPICAL MOTOR 1/2 HP explosion proof, inverter duty
DRIVE OPTIONS 1/4 HP 3 PH, 230/460 VAC weatherproof
1/8 HP 1 PH, 115/230 VAC weather shield
1/3 HP 3 PH, 230/460 VAC explosion proof
1/3 HP 1 PH, 115/230 VAC explosion proof
STANDARD OPERATING SPEED .5 RPM. Scrapers move 28 inches/minute.
SHIPPING DATA Ships fully assembled.
STANDARD CONTROLS OPTIONS Packages range from simple on/off to enhanced with differential level control. All packages include motor overload protection - contact Duperon for further details and assistance in selecting the perfect package for your site.
OPERATION OPTIONS Dependent upon package selected, ranging from manual on/off to automated differential level control.