• Designed for open channel applications with unpredictable debris volume, velocity or size.
  • Features heavy duty, serrated scrapers for rugged debris handling.
  • Several modes of operation available: manual, timed sequence, and head differential.

Louisiana (post-Hurricane Katrina debris)
MODEL DESCRIPTION The Duperon FlexRake HD is used in open channel applications where debris volume, size and velocity may be unpredictable and where there are no upstream constraints such as influent pipes or pre-screening.

Typical debris includes general refuse, aquatic vegetation, sticks, limbs, tires, and oil drums. Heavy duty scrapers are utilized to assist in high debris loadings.
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Open channels, water intakes, CSO/SSO coarse screens, irrigation, stormwater, hydroelectric.
WIDTH 2 feet - 12 feet
LENGTH 10 feet - 50 feet
ANGLE OF INSTALLATION Ideal 30 degrees from vertical.
Range from vertical to horizontal considered dependent on site.
STANDARD MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION A36 steel, with Duperon standard coating or hot-dipped galvanized.

Alternative: 304 or 316 SSTL
BAR OPENING 2 inches - 6 inches
TYPICAL MOTOR 1/4 or 1/8 HP, dependent on power availability to site
DRIVE OPTIONS 1/4 HP 3 PH, 230/460 VAC, weatherproof motor
1/8 HP 1 PH, 115/230 VAC, with weather shield
STANDARD OPERATING SPEED .5 RPM. Scrapers move 28 inches/minute
SHIPPING DATA Fully assembled or for retrofit (rake only is partially assembled).
STANDARD CONTROLS OPTIONS Packages range from simple on/off to enhanced with differential level control. All packages include motor overload protection. Contact Duperon for further details and assistance in selecting the perfect package for your site.
OPERATION OPTIONS Dependent upon package selected, ranging from manual on/off to automated differential level control.