Pumps are used throughout Florida to move water through a canal system leading to and from Lake Okeechobee. FlexRakes are used throughout the state to protect these pumps, most of which are located 10 or more miles from the site of the FlexRake. Prior to the utilization of the FlexRake, the common practice was manual cleaning of the screens. This practice was expensive, forcing the agency to spend manpower and time - two of their most important assets - to maintain the screens and keep the pumps running.

The addition of the FlexRakes was considered an investment to ensure the pumps would be kept clear and continually running; the screens were to reduce the cost of protecting the pumps.

The FlexRake Heavy Duty models have been in use  in the district for almost 10 years, and currently have close to sixty units in service. Recently our area rep collected maintenance records for the units covering the past ten years.

The results? The records show that the municipality in question has spent, on average, just $42 per machine per year. It is inconceivable!

It's an impressive figure, particularly when you consider that the FlexRakes have a 348 accumulative years in service across 59 machines and many hurricanes, several of which were severe.

In total, service costs have accumulated to $14K over the past 10 years, spread across sixty machines.

Most of the machines are in service in conditions that are quite harsh, including several operating in Florida's Everglades region. Heavy vegetation, highly variable flow, heavy storms and hurricanes are a few environmental factors working together to present a challenge. Despite the conditions, the FlexRake requires very little attention - an invaluable quality to the busy water management district.